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Ahad, 29 Mac 2009

-plant utilities lab-

:015:hehe.. long time no see.. miss to update damn much .. visited my own blog each day actually, but got no chance to do the typing and the uploading (pictures la of course) hehe.. no pictures, no fun.. right?? one of the pilling tasks finished just now.. such a relief..

:011:last friday, we supposed to have our last presentation on electricity or something la that.. can't remember cause i wasn't one of the presenter that day.. but then, mr khairil told us that there won't be any presentation on that particular day.. uiiikks?? why?? cause he invited someone who has more knowledge in this field.. he actually does not satisfied with the previous presentation..

:07:getting bored with the subject taught, i played solitaire and minesweeper (just as i mastered the minesweeper and wanted to show off to acap, he didn't attend the class.. cisss) took some pictures too.. at the end of the class, we were given the opportunity to visit rooms that usually labeled as "DILARANG MASUK" or "NO ENTRY" in English.. Quite hot in that rooms, i played around a little bit, joking around.. hehe..

:26:so, next are the pictures of us, who are quite rebelicious.. opps.. is there such word??

:01:one of the rebelicous student.. ish3

p/s : the right word is rebellious.. ngee~

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