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Ahad, 29 Mac 2009

- loosen up a bit-

:004: to loose urself a bit, do like this.. hehe.. just kidding..

:017:on last Friday at 2.30 pm , the same day of the previous entry, me and mask had planned to go on a favourite event of the month.. which is OUTING!!!.. hehe.. but, this time, just me and mask.. knowing that we have a lot of works to do, the plan is still on.. o yeeeaahhh..

:018:first destination, COWBOY supermarket.. bought things such as cooking utilities and not forgotten the most wanted "dynomite" ayark.. since when i've become a supplier??? also, bought a white board.. very cute.. pink coloured?? of course..

:015:next, KUANTAN PARADE.. parked on the second floor, we went through the baby department in "THE STORE".. passed teddy bears section, snap a few pictures, went for a karaoke session.. with no experience at all, we requested 2 song.. got room labeled as B4.. while the second song playing, I realized that mask really enjoyed singing and I helped her requested 8 more songs.. ooppss.. forget to tell, we got a few fans too.. haha.. very funny.. tired of singing, i asked mask to go shopping with me.. i wanted to buy some groceries for frying noodles.. nyum3..

:005:went for Aasar prayer at a placed near the car park, and leave at almost 7 pm..

after deposited some money into my account, we went to TERMINAL MAKMUR to buy ahu's ticket.. perform MAGHRIB prayer there, and went for dinner at SAFWA RESTAURANT.. ordered fried maggi, fried noodles and also a roti canai..

:024:after our stomach have been filled, we went to an expo which opened for "SURE HEBOH" carnival the next day. bought new bracelets, shawls, a bag, and a sandal. having lots of fun, we decided to aheading back to UMP at 10.15pm..

p/s : a tiring but fun day!!:05:

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  1. amboii glemer plak ak sat..
    jadi aritis plak

    ayokkkk hehehehehe

  2. gelak besar nmpak.. cover malu la tu.. huhu..


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