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Isnin, 30 Mac 2009

-driving lesson-

:015:(4 people in car, 2 in the front, one asleep in the back, one curled up in the trunk. Cop comes up behind with siren. They pull over. Cop walks to drivers' window.)

DRIVER: What seems to be the problem, officer? :06:

COP: No problem! I just wanted to tell you that you are
the one hundredth person I've seen wearing a seat belt today,
which means you have won $5,000 :06:
in the statewide safety competition!

:13:DRIVER: That's great! What! a surprise!

COP: So, buddy, what are you going to do with your winnings? :05:

DRIVER: Well, first I'll get my drivers license and then I'll pay off all those warrants.
RIDER: Ah, don't believe him! He always talks big when he's drunk! :31:

SLEEPER (waking up): Whoa! A cop. Darn it all! I knew we
wouldn't get far in a stolen car. :05:
GUY IN TRUNK: Hey! Amigos! Have we crossed the border yet? :03:

3 ulasan:

  1. muahahahahaha
    ape daaaaa
    nk kate cerdik x..
    nak kate x cerdik pon x...
    tu la orang kate...
    buat jahat musti kne tangkap jugakkkkk

  2. 4 org?? cam kene jek ngan kite.. tp, sape yg mabuk tuh?? haaa.. yg itu kte x tau..

  3. ha....yg itu yg kite tak tahu..


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