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Ahad, 1 Ogos 2010

- my first kiss -

hallu... hallu...
tajuk entry yg berbaur agakk luuuchhooonn.. haha.. ni tjuk lagu yg ak tgah layan skrg nih..
haha.. lagu 3oh!3.. cmne nk pronounce name band pun ak x sure.. but mengikut sumber yg bleh dipercayai.. ia adalah three oh three..

owh.. my first kiss? x leh recall la ngan sape.. is it mom? @ is it dad? @ my bro? maklumlah being the 4th child.. my brother is the one who's responsible to take care of me.. thanx bro.. even, not so close pun nowadays.. grown ups! bese la.. having life on our own.. furthermore diff gender.. lg la not so much things to talk about..

last night was fun.. even with no kissing part.. haha.. lau ade, tu namenye menempah maut sblom ajal la tu.. ngeh3.. actually, i went out with my fren since it's saturday n no other actvty.. he bring along his brother whom i can say a live saver in the end.. of coz.. there's a story to tell..

he picked me @ about 11pm last night.. a bit rainy outside.. following instructions given, he managed to find my house safe n sound.. haha.. took the road in front of shah alam stadium.. jammed with cars moving out of shah alam stadium . it's selangor vs terengganu match last night which lastly end up with selangor - 2, terengganu -0.

we went out to uptown seksyen 24. cuci mata.. nothing interests me.. neither pijea o ucop. lepak2 n minum2.. doesn't feel like eating.. ordered carrot juice instead.. ucop ordered shisha.. strawberry flavoured.. susah payahnye, holding myself back from trying that thing since my sense of curiousity is very high maaaa... haha..

then, we went to i-city since it's almost 2am if i'm not mistaken.. and, there's not much other place where we can hang out.. shockingly, the ticket price was increased to rm10 compared to last week when we were charged only rm1. explained by the guard at front gate, the ticket can be redeem for rm10 food. agreed. walking.. walking... photo snaping... tired.. having a drink again..

eyes were turning red.. it's almost 4am.. and i'm not even sleepy.. haha.. but pijea had to go outstation to batu pahat today, so we went ack after that.. driving with blurry and half-open, pijea almost hit a divider and luckily ucop realized and taking initiative by massaging him.. haha.. what a scene! thanx ucop.. i'm too young to die~~

@ home, tranfer all pics from hp.. solat isya'.. went to sleep...

thanx to both niks.. i'm having lot of funs.. and nice knowing u ucop @ nik yussof..

gtg.. daaa~~~~~~~~

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  1. shhh.. jgn bising2.. dtg kiss cepat2?? aminn.. smoga cpat naek pelamin la ni eh.. haha~

  2. ..hehehe.. jangan lupa jemput kita orang..


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