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Sabtu, 20 Jun 2009

- what a girl wants -

miss my dad suddenly

watched this muvie last night.. dunno what to do.. keep waiting for any msg if any of the "adik2" left the keys again.. aigoo..

oopss.. forgot to tell.. KK3 is used to placed 'bout 1000 students n staffs for sumthing that might sounded like "Pertandingan Kawad Antarabangsa" remind yourself that i did said MIGHT..

what a girl wants? i'm a girl.. so, what i want?? i would answer EVERYTHING of course.. but, can i? hmm.. clearly, still lost.. do not know what am i searching for in this life.. n, it perfectly matches with don't even know what to find!.. am i living a go0d life till now? even myself can't answer that.. becoming 22 this year, yet, not having any dreams to fulfill..

weird.. i failed to plan.. which means i planned to fail?? enough of this crap.. maybe i'm just tired of all the "Adik2s" problem..

still, can't wait for the new semester to began.. when finally 1 can get rid of Zairie from my face.. haha.. sorry Zairie.. seriously, it's a joke....

i've woke up Tini.. maybe, because of the light.. almost 4 am already.. i slept for quit along time after the Maghrib prayer.. maybe, that the reason for keeping me awake till now..

is it 8 or 8.30 tomorrow?? failed to recall.. better guess for an 8 or else Lan will showed up in front of the do0r in case i had to open the office tomorrow.. btw, tomorrow's SATURDAY!!.. yepp.. i had to work.. yeah.. laugh.. laugh all the way u wanted... i got to get some sleep now..

thinkin' of d future.. really? am i? X(

p/s : will alarm helps me tomorrow??

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