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Selasa, 9 Jun 2009

- kalau lah... -

aku dalam opis ni.. jawab tag ustazkodimero.. btol ke x ak eja name dia ni.. xpe la.. halal la yer ustaz.., ni la soklan2 nyer..

1. If you can be an animal, what will u be?

- jadi baby tiger leh x?? tp, nk jadik baby jek la.. x mo jadik harimau besar.. dah x chomey dah la... :P

2. If you robbed a bank, what do you want to do with the money?

- nk wat umrah ngan haji.. huhu.. cam x valid jek~

3. If you can teleport yourself anywhere in the world, where do you want to be? why?

- hawaii kot.. dr kecik teringin nk g sne.. nape??? aku pun x sure nape...

4. If you know that you are dying, what is the last meal that you want? why?

- cam senget jek ak ni lau nk makn bende bukan2 sblom mati.. crik amal lebih sket la dulu...

5. If you can only kill one person in this world, who is the person? why?
- ntah la.. x pernah terpikir, n, ble pikir2, x tau gak sape nk di bunuh...

6. If you can choose either to have more than 24 hours a day or can live more than 100 years, what is your choice? why?
-more than 24 hours a day kot... tp, opis hour ttp same kan?? hehe.. leh dpt mase tido lebey....

7. If you can date celebrities, who is that person? why?

- aigoo~ nape la ak xde jawapan tok soklan ni................ *blur*

8. If you can only have 1 thing in this world, what should that be? Why?
- cincin ajaib, x pun teko ajaib.. sume leh mntak kan??

9. If you have the opportunity to tag 7 of your friends, who are they? why?

sbb?? sbb mereka sume ade blog.. so, kene la jawab tag ni... huhu...

p/s : sape2 rse bosan n nk wat tag ni, sile la.. jgn segan silu k...

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