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Khamis, 22 Julai 2010

- cloudy thursday -

hi guys..
have u ever felt like crying ur eyes out 4 no specific reason?
that's how i feel rite now..
seriously i don't have any idea of the reason...
if i'm alone, rite now, surely i'll burst into tears till eyes bcome red..

usually, when i'm happy for no reason,
it'll bring me bad luck..
i'm not being superstitious..
as long as i remembered,
it's TRUE!
but, for me la...

i'm annoyed by 1 of the staffs here..
a married man with 2 kids..
acting stupidly... foolishly n bangangly.. hahaha..
fooling around like a single man..
doesn't he ever thought of his childs whenever he act like that..

thursday already..
friday'll followed..
then, weekend..
gambate emma!!

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