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Ahad, 7 Februari 2010


Referring to the matter above, i, Yusmawati binti Abdullah, would like to undergo
my Industrial
Internship Programme
in your company. I am a student of University
Malaysia Pahang ( UMP )and pursuing
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) – Chemical
Engineering programme. I am currently in my
4rd year 2nd semester. For your
information, I will undergo the industrial training
programme starting from 14th
June 2010 until 26th November 2010. I greatly anticipate
the chance to work under
the environment of your company. I am also hoping to
gain experience and abreast
myself with more knowledge through your
company. I am very confident person
and willing to learn about the working environment in
depth. I am also very active person.
I have joined a lot of activities while in UMP.
I was able to develop my leadership qualitiy, problem-solving and
communication skills by joining these activities.
Thank you.

p/s : aku da pening cri tempat intern.. serabut.. pening kepala.. nk muntah... sume ade.. promote diri sendiri kt blog.. adeh.. hampeh sungguh perasaan ini..

terimalah aku weyh,

3 ulasan:

  1. "4rd year 2st semester"
    Sound weird rite?
    Patut la hang tak dapat tempat internship,,

  2. First: Welcome back.. :-)

    Second: Mai Sabah.. hahahahaha

  3. ikhtiar : hahaha.. mekaseh2.. x perasan lasumm.. tp, aku copy jek ayat nih.. x gune tok mane2 resume pun.. huhu.. malu3~~~

    marx : ala.. xnk ckp mai australia ke?? kecik ati... hahaha~


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