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Isnin, 13 Januari 2014

Kangkung betul la.

its been awhile kan.. hmm.. last post was 1 year ago. d date was on Valentine's day.  Not that i celebrate it. Ok. Lets change it. It's my fren birthday, Daisy. From high school. 

Many things happened to me when Im not writing. WOW! there's so much to tell and dunno where to start!

I have  move to the third company in past few months. During my last post, I was in Jadi. Nothing much to tell about my 2nd job, which i ran off. Yup. Totally true. 

Kangkung is a really hot topic today since our PM announced the price of Kangkung has been reduced. Maybe subsidi kangkung dah dilebihkan kot.

I dunno much about politics, n I dont intend to talk about it. I dunno why Im writting in English. Well, just let it be. 

Today, I'm on MC. Doctor said I have Dysmenorrhea. Its not serious as its sounded. Its just period pain. Normal. I guess. 

I dont have a mouse with me, and its quite annoying to type with this keyboard. My fault. Meant to clean it. Never thought that I could not reassemble them back. 

Enough la for today. 


nampak sedap kan!

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