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Isnin, 28 Februari 2011

-super blue monday-

Assalam n afternoon peeps..
Now, it's already 12.09pm (according to my PC clock)
punched card at 6.50am this morning with OK feelings..
hoping that nothing will go wrong today..
finishing my reports so that i can update my boss during d morning briefing..

but then.. aiyokk.. so ashamed la to tell you guys..
my boss asked me about housekeeping during the weekends..
how can i answer him.
i know, he already told me to ask others to do..
but... it's the problem of handling the boys..
it's the problem of attitude..
i already told them, but maybe i am not strict enuf that them would follow my order.

haiyaaa.. it gave me headache la..
thinking about confirmation also..
already 5 months working. but haven't been confirm by d boss yet.
also, did not get any other offers from other companies..
so sad la my life story..

speaking of sad.. i suddenly remembered about money i have to spent after getting the salary:
RM698 - car
RM 150 - modem
RM 500 - car again
RM 200 - rent
RM 100 - utilities


how many ringgit are left for me to spend? FYI, my basic salary is ...... teetttt.. can't say la.. too low to be stated here.. haha~

i think enuf la babbling for today...
at least, i wrote sumtin' rite?

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